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Find membership meeting minutes and LWV of SLO County Bylaws, information about the Board of Directors, meeting agendas, and minutes. In the subpage, you will find a complete list of officers, the Board of Directors, and Committees

Volunteer Opportunities

Help Wanted!

As in any active organization, we are constantly reminded that we need our members and we need funds to operate. Enthusiastic volunteers make plans actually happen. Your membership dues and donations are what keep us "ticking." Please look for the many opportunities to help the League promote democracy in our community. HELP WANTED!! The need for the services of the League of Women Voters of San Luis Obispo County has never been greater. In order to help our members and the community, we need resources, time, money, and supplies. What can you do?

Volunteer to help with any committee or activity that interests you such as:

  • Observer Corps
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Social Policy Committee
  • Government Committee
  • Adopt-a-Poll
  • Candidate Forums
  • Pro and Con Presentations on Propositions
  • Website
  • Program Committee
  • Holiday Party
  • Annual Meeting Planning
  • Historian (to up-date our history)

Sponsor such goals or items as:
  • League membership in SPOKES to provide training for League members and visibility in the community
  • Travel for League officers to LWVUS Convention
  • Host a Salon Series meeting
  • Program Planning Meeting Venue
  • Annual Meeting Kits plus postage
  • Annual Meeting Lunch

Help us purchase:
  • Member Pins
  • Table top podium
  • Tri-fold display board
  • High volume, high quality printer cartridge (so we can print our own ID cards)

Phone 805-782-4040 or e-mail:

Information for the Members