Making Democracy Work

Natural Resources

The priority natural resource issues for the League of Women Voters California for 2017 - 2019 are listed briefly below. Visit the links for more information.

Policy priorities addressing San Luis Obispo County will be added as they are available.

Climate Change

Heat records are being broken. Glaciers are melting, and the seas are rising. We have reached a point where no matter what we do; we cannot avoid a very different climate future. And the choices are quickly becoming limited. We must act now to prevent truly catastrophic consequences. But what can we do? The most powerful action is our knowledgeable vote.

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California Water Resources

To promote a better understanding of California's water issues and complexities, the League of Women Voters is presenting background on California's water resources, the demands on these resources, and the state's current approach to water management. Voters are likely to be faced with more large water bonds in future elections. Yet making informed decisions on these investments in managing California's water resources are difficult given unclear answers to key questions such as: * How should limited and unpredictable supplies be allocated among competing demands? * Who is responsible and accountable for managing water supplies and quality? * How much will it cost to ensure safe and reliable supplies for the public and environment? * Who should pay?

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Land Use & CEQA

The issue of land use has recently become entwined with the state's serious problem of housing affordability. The market-driven value of land is making it difficult--if not impossible--for developers to build affordable housing feasibly at given land prices.

Governor Brown has suggested the controversial idea that CEQA restrictions be relaxed for certain kinds of housing development in an effort to reduce overall housing costs. The League of Women Voters California has made this a priority for 2017 - 2019. A policy position will emerge in the near future.

In the meantime, the 1992 Growth Management policy is available for background.

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